How I made my own website on Squarespace and if I can do it anyone can!

Aloha all, 

I have been working on creating my website for the last four months.  I could only stand to do it for a few hours at a time otherwise I would have pulled out all my hair by now!  A lot of tedious tasks involved with some frustration and got me listening to Soft Cell's song Frustration, which helped me let it all out!  

So, I started with one of Squarespaces newer templates and one designed for an artist and an ecommerce store.  Although, next time (if there is one) I will have a website in mind that I kind of want to copy or duplicate and use it as a template, or find the template that was used.  This way I will know exactly what the template is capable of doing.  Everything is always a learning experience and I am famous for learning the hard way!  

I did the basic stuff like uploading all my pictures of my art and determining what type of menu headings I would need.  I did not enjoy doing most of this but I knew it was easy enough for a right brainer to do and I could always hire a left brainer for some of the more difficult tasks.  Eventually, I came to a point where I thought I was through and definitely needed to hire help!  So, I called my friend Dustin, who is the one who convinced me to use Squarespace in the first place.  To my surprise, Dustin was busy.  He had no one to refer me to and no time of his own to help.  Hmmmmm, what to do now?  Dustin's best advice was "all you need to do is spend about 3 hours watching you tube videos and you can figure it out!"  You Tube it was. I watched and watched and watched.  Part of the problem was I just wasn't clear on what I wanted.  I needed to spend time on other peoples websites who are doing something similar and gain some ideas.  So, I kept learning and exploring and taking the time that was necessary to do it right!  I knew if I put my mind to it and accepted the struggle I would come out ahead, it just might take awhile...  And you know what?  It did, but today you see the result at